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About Us

Originally the KwaZulu Natal Furniture Manufacturers Association was known as the Natal Furniture Manufacturers Association. The above Association together with the Furniture Workers Industrial Union ”Natal” now known as the National Union of Furniture and Allied Workers of South Africa were the founder members of the Industrial Council for the Furniture Manufacturing Industry, Natal.

The Council was registered as an Industrial Council on the 3rd of July 1954 in terms of the Industrial Conciliation Act (No. 36 ) of 1937 as amended. With the dawn of Democracy in South Africa and the name changes to the Provinces, the names of the institutions changed accordingly to what it is today.

It can be gleaned from the above that both Parties have a long and rich relationship within the Furniture Manufacturing Industry KwaZulu Natal.

The Executives

Mr. Cobus van Vuuren
011 661 1315
064 756 0452

Miss Krebashnee Govender
032 541 5300

Jason Coffin-Grey
031 705 4103

Murray Commons
031 701 8810

Hassan Khan
032 551 1113

Shabbir Ansur
032 552 3051

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